5 Common Gas Stove Problems

5 Common Gas Stove Problems


To help you solve common gas stove problems in your home, we've listed some important tips and tricks. Hope it helps you.

A gas stove is undoubtedly one of the essential kitchen appliances. But if it doesn't work properly or shows signs of a problem, it can cause panic. Maybe your gas burner is suffering from a burner that doesn't light up, a weak flame, a gas leak, and more; to help you solve common gas stove problems in your home, we've listed some important tips and tricks. Most of these issues can be resolved on their own, but if you find it difficult to manage, you can always look for a reliable gas stove repair home service. 

Common problems and solutions to gas stoves

The gas stove does not light up

This is the first common problem that most gas stoves fail to light. When this happens, there can be two reasons. First, the ignition switch doesn't work. Second, the gas is not flowing through the valve.

To find a problem with your gas stove, follow the usual procedure for turning on the burner. Now, notice two things. Do you hear a click when you turn the ignition on? Do you smell gas coming out of the valve? 

If you hear a click but don't smell gas, the problem is with the airflow. If you don't hear a click but smell gas, the ignition switch isn't working. 

Solution: Turn off the power and unplug the stove. Now, remove the burner and grate to clean greasy food, grime, etc. After proper cleaning, try opening it. If it doesn't work then you probably need a new lighter. 

Low flame

No matter what gas stove or range you use, slow heating can be a headache and time-consuming when preparing food. A common cause of slow flame heating can be dirt or debris on some part of the burner opening. 

Solution: This problem is easy to solve. Just turn off the power and remove the burner. Soak the burner in soapy hot water for a few minutes. Baking soda and vinegar are also good for cleaning. Properly clean and remove debris and other material from the burner opening with a brush or scrubber. Wipe with a clean cloth. Reassemble and use it. 

Unnecessary igniter clicks

When the burner is turned on, the igniter clicks, providing a flame to the airflow. But if the clicking sound is still coming after the burner flame, then it's because of some problem. 

A common cause behind unwanted clicks in the igniter is a clogged burner or a loose burner cap. 

Solution: First check the burner cap to make sure it is not loose and used correctly. Then look at the burner holes to see if any material or debris is blocking the burner. Food scraps and particles can get stuck on the burner. But you can easily get rid of this blockage with a paper clip. 

If it doesn't stop clicking, then you should use a clean, dry cotton cloth to clean the moisture from the cooktop. There may be water or grease in there and should be cleaned properly. This will stop the igniter from clicking continuously.

Noisy burner

The flame on the burner can become noisy due to excess air or gas flowing through the valve. This can be risky as too much gas can cause a fire. Furthermore, gas is wasted. 

Solution: Turn on the burner and check the damper below it. Now look at the flow of the gas and see if it is faster than usual. If you find it difficult to evaluate, it is best to find a reliable gas stove repair service. 

Gas odor pungent

Sometimes gas leaks from gas or pipes. This can be risky. But before proceeding with repairs, first, check that the burner is off. If you still smell a gas oven with the burner turned off, there is a gas leak. 

Solution: Check the gas pipe for damage. If that's okay, then look at the end of the pipe to find the leak. If the pipe is damaged, you must buy a new one and replace it. If you can't find the problem, it's best to find a professional gas stove repair service. 

The above introduces some simple gas stove faults and solutions. If you have any questions or plan to buy a gas stove, please contact us.

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