How to Properly Install a Gas Stove?

How to Properly Install a Gas Stove?


This article will share the correct installation method and precautions of the gas stove for your reference.

Gas stoves can be said to be home appliances that are frequently used in our kitchens, so when we install and use them, we have high requirements for safety. Next, we will share the correct installation method and precautions of the gas stove for your reference.

Installation method

1. Opening positioning

This step is the most important step in installing the gas stove. When installing, we first use the template to determine the corresponding size and make holes in it. Note that the distance between the openings cannot be less than 20 cm from the wall and other products. In addition, there should be no flammable materials around the location where the gas stove is installed.

2. Make the connection

When we connect the gas stove, we must remove the plastic cover of the dust cap of the gas pipe joint, and check whether the gas connection port is blocked. After cleaning, connect the corresponding interface, and then tighten it with a pipe hoop. After connecting, check to see if there is any air leakage.

3. Install the battery

When we install the gas stove, we also need to install the battery. First, take out our No. 1 battery, then remove the positive plastic cover of the battery, and install it in the battery and inside. After confirming the positive and negative electrodes, we can cover our battery.

4. Install the fire cover and pot bracket

After we install the battery, we need to place the gas stove stably, and then install the fire cover and pot support. If there is an empty shell, we need to reposition it. If there is no positioning, we must ensure that it has been leveled.

5. Debug the gas stove

When we install the gas stove, after installation, we need to carry out corresponding debugging. First, turn on the gas stove and look at the color of the flame. If the color is dark blue, it means that this is normal. If not, it means that the combustion is incomplete. Do not use it.


1. Check the accessories of the gas stove after unpacking. Please carefully check whether the accessories are complete and damage according to the packing list. If any problem is found, please contact your dealer for replacement.

2. Check the gas type and product, please check whether the gas type you are using is the same as the gas type marked on this product. If it does not match, installation and use are strictly prohibited (the gas type is indicated on the nameplate of the bottom shell of this product and the outer package).

3. Check whether the product maintenance is tight, check whether the various parts of the product are installed correctly and whether the screws are fastened, so as to avoid damage during transportation and affect the use of the product. After checking that there is no problem, we start the installation work.

4. Under normal circumstances, the clear distance between the back of the cooker and the wall should not be less than 15cm, and the clear distance between the side and the wall should not be less than 20cm; the two ends of the surface and the lower part of the cooker should not be less than 10cm, and the top of the cooker should not be less than 80cm; The distance between the cylinders should be 1m and the length of the intake hose should not exceed 2m.

5. The stove should be installed in a well-ventilated kitchen. It is strictly forbidden to stack flammable materials under and around the stove, which may cause a fire; the kitchen area should not be less than 2 square meters, and the indoor height should not be less than 2.2 meters; adjacent rooms should be separated to prevent gas leakage from collusion.

If the gas stove is not installed properly, it will not only cause trouble in subsequent use but also have some potential safety hazards.

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