How to Use a Gas Stove Safely?

How to Use a Gas Stove Safely?


This article will share the specific precautions for the correct use of gas stoves to ensure the safe use of gas stoves.

The habit of using gas stoves on a daily basis directly affects our safety. For example, do not put flammable and explosive items such as oil bottles and lighters on the gas stove. The following are specific precautions for the correct use of gas stoves to ensure the safe use of gas stoves.

The gas source used is the same as the gas stove

When it comes to the safe use of cooktops, choosing and purchasing cooktops is the most important part. First of all, when purchasing, make sure that the gas source used at home is the same as the gas source required by the purchased stove, otherwise, it cannot be used.

For example, some families use natural gas, and some families use liquefied gas, and the stoves for these two gases are completely different. Secondly, in order to ensure the safe use of the cooker, it is necessary to purchase the quality-assured products produced by regular manufacturers, including accessories such as pressure-reducing valves and air pipes.

Proper use of the gas stove

First of all, gas stoves, like other items, have a lifespan. The service life of the gas stove is generally 8 years, and it is necessary to detect it in time after the period. At the same time, don't ignore the service life of the hose. Generally, the service life of the hose is 2 years, and the quality of the hose is about 10 years, but it should be checked regularly.

Secondly, when using the gas stove, it should be supervised, especially when the window is open, to prevent the flame from being blown out by the wind, or the soup overflowing the pot to extinguish the fire. If it is found that the flame is out, turn off the switch of the stove immediately, open the doors and windows for ventilation, and when there is no gas smell, find out the cause of the flame out, and re-ignite after proper treatment.

When the gas stove is in use, it is necessary to regularly clean the oil stains on the stove ring, clean the fire holes, remove the impurities on the gas stove, and prevent tampering and yellow flames. In addition, many gas stoves are now made of tempered glass panels, so when using, never hit the stovetop with gravity, and don't put high-temperature objects on the stovetop.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that no flammable and explosive items, such as oil bottles, insect repellants, etc., should be placed on the gas stove.

In addition, we recommend that every day before you stop using gas or go to bed, you should check whether the gas appliance switches are all turned off, close the main valve on the gas meter, and then open the kitchen window.

Timely maintenance and inspection of cooktops

Regular maintenance and safety inspections of gas cooktops are also very important. Keep the stove surface clean during normal use. The fire holes on the burner are easily blocked by contamination such as porridge, vegetable soup, concoction, dust, etc. It should be decontaminated at any time, wipe off water stains, and regularly use a small wire to dredge the stove on the stove head. Ventilation holes to prevent clogging.

The thermal circuit should be polished with fine sandpaper frequently to remove the oxides accumulated on the thermocouple or the stains that affect the heat transfer, so as to keep the cooker clean, the gas is unblocked, and its good heating state.

In normal times, it is necessary to frequently check whether the air intake hose is leaking. If you smell an odor, you should immediately close the gas main valve and open the doors and windows. In addition, the hose that transports gas may crack due to prolonged use, resulting in gas leakage. If the hose is found to be cracked, it must be replaced immediately. Under normal circumstances, it should be replaced once a year.

Always check the sealing performance of the plug valve (the valve at the joint between the metal tube and the rubber tube), and apply oil in time; always check whether the connecting hose is cracked and aging, and replace the new rubber tube in time if any problem is found; High, to prevent dripping cooling water, so as not to make the stove surface peel off.

The quality of the gas stove directly determines the degree of use safety and the service period. Greaidea can provide a variety of models and specifications of gas stove products according to the needs of users, and all of them have passed multi-party safety certification.

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